About Us

Green Fuse Botanicals collaborates with independent plant breeders from around the world to bring the most innovative plant varieties to market. Our headquarters, greenhouses and laboratories are in California. Green Fuse has production locations world-wide, so we can supply the highest plant quality for our customers. We welcome you to contact us with your new ideas.

Steve Jones’ keen eye for plant quality and innovation brought numerous trailblazing varieties to the market, including such well-known series as Cathedral™ Salvia, Blanket® Petunias and the Sweet Georgia® Ipomoea.

Green Fuse products are available exclusively through Henry F. Michell Co. in the United States and through JVK in Canada. Rooting stations spread throughout the United States and Canada supply rooted young plants.  Select series are available from a variety of distributors world-wide. Please visit the PURCHASE OUR PRODUCTS section for more information.